New Quizz People

  1. New Quizz People !!!!!!!!!!

    1) Which artist was the first to sell more then one million copies of his music on an international level???

    2) Which scientist thaught that blood was produced and then ejected out of the human body???

    3) Who said : i don't know with what weapons world war 3 is going to be fought, but world war four is going to be fought with sticks and bones ???

    4) Who said : in heaven all the interesting people are missing

    5) Who said : hapiness is a good bank account, a good cook and a good digestion ???

    6) Who said : Forgive your ennemies, but never forget their names...

    7) Who said : i have come to the conclusion that politics is to important a matter to be left to the politicians ??? (this one is for the French among us, HUMANINO WHERE YOU AT MY FRIEND???)

    8) Who said : all paid jobs absorbe and degrade the mind ???

    9) Who said : i love the smell of napalm in the morning ???

    10) Who owns quasi all Beatle songs ???

    11) Who asks the best questions for a quizz : this is a BONUS...



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  3. Evo

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    #3 Is Einstein, it's one of my favorite quotes by him ""I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

    I'm assuming this is limited to one answer per person so everyone gets a chance?
  4. Gokul43201

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    I believe I know #3 (Evo's right), #6, #7, and #10...but I'll take a shot at :

    ( #1 ) Could this be Richie Valens with La Bamba ? This was definitely before the Beatles, and I'm sure it was a million seller, but I don't know if it was the first. Your use of the word 'international' makes me think this is the answer.
  5. Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute.

    At one time wasn't it Michael Jackson?
  6. questions 3 and 10 are correct. For question you need to go bach to the beginning of 1900 and this artist came from italy but was also very popular in the USA.

  7. Evo

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    The great Caruso?
  8. Si, esatto, il grande tenorissimo Enrico Caruso...

    you are right again EVO :approve:

    "O sole Mio", "Cuore 'n' Grato (=ungreatefull heart) were songs he used to perform as an encore each concert. Just like Pavarotti now...

  9. I will give question 12 : the answer is Chief Inspector Jack Frost from the UK-series A touch of Frost. I don't know whether this is aired in the US. But over here in Belgium and the rest of western europe it is very popular just like Inspector Morse, Maigret (French), Navarro (French) and Derrick , Tatort, Ein Fall Fur Zwei (last three are German) and ofcourse Hercule Poirot (Belgium, you know from Agatha Christie (err she was not belgian but Hercule was lol))

  10. #4 "in heaven all the interesting people are missing" - Friedrich Nietzsche

  11. Where is that one from?

    I don't remember it.
  12. brewnog

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    #8 - "All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind" - Aristotle
  13. Ivan Seeking

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    #9, Robert Duvall, Apocalypse Now. I use variations on this line all of the time. Considering that no one has wonder no one seems to get it!

    #12, I think also Mary Poppins.

  14. Apocalypse now...

    Joseph Conrad.... :grumpy: :grumpy:
  15. Gokul43201

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    #1 : Caruso ! You're kidding ?! I had no idea people took recording seriously at that time. And I thought tenors were like wandering mistrels moving from one opera house to another. Never imagined them being associated with record labels.

    If I may take another stab, I'll go for one of the easier ones,

    #6 : I think this is a JFK-ism, but I'm not sure if it's originally his, or is borrowed from someplace else.

    #7 : No...I'll leave this for Humanino or any other Charlie from France.
  16. This is from Wikipedia,

    Source: From the Nachlaß, KSA 13: 11[153]
    Original context: "Die Kirche hat deutsche Kaiser auf Grund ihrer Laster in Bann getan: als ob ein Mönch oder Priester über das mitreden dürfte, was ein Friedrich der Zweite von sich fordern darf. Ein Don Juan wird in die Hölle geschickt: das ist sehr naiv. Hat man bemerkt, daß im Himmel alle interessanten Menschen fehlen?"

    Which means something like:

    "The church made german emperors in reason of their vice in spell: as if a monk or priest might take part in that, which Friedrich the second might require of himself. A Don Juan will be sent to hell: that is very naive. Has anyone noticed, that in heaven all the interesting people are missing?"

    I've never read the source material, just heard the quote once.
  17. :rofl: Mary Poppins says "Spit Spot!", not "Chop! Chop!".
  18. Evo

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    I guessed that based on the PBS "Antiques Roadshow" tv show where someone had brought in an old 78rpm signed Caruso recording to find out what it was worth. Turned out it was worthless because Caruso had a deal with the "Victor Talking Machine Company" which manufactured the "Victrola" and with each victrola purchase you got a free Caruso record and there are a ton of the records out there.

    I also know that a bark Eskimo seal hunting hat is worth $92,000.00.
  19. plover

    plover 429
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    The conical thing with the long strips of ivory as decorations? I thought they said 40k-50k. And it was weird when the guy said it was from "south of the Aleutians" which sounds to me like mid-ocean... I don't watch the show, but I saw this bit a couple of days ago. It is a cool hat.
  20. Evo

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    This was conical, but no ivory strips, just a single piece of unadorned bark. I would have never guessed it was a hat, looked like trash to me. :redface: It could be the difference in appraisors or the difference in the hat.
  21. plover

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    They do show A Touch of Frost here, though I haven't seen it. They also show Inspector Morse, and a British Maigret series (and Agatha Christie of course). I like the Prime Suspect series. Our PBS station often shows things from British television, but I don't think we ever get any shows that weren't done in English—I'm not familiar with Navarro, Derrick, Tatort, or Ein Fall Fur Zwei.
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