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New reserve currency?

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    Prof. Stiglitz of Columbia University said:

    "The current reserve system is in the process of fraying," the Columbia University economics professor said at a conference in Bankok. "The dollar is not a good store of value. Right now, the dollar is yielding almost no return and yet anybody looking at the dollar has to say there's a high degree of risk."

    Any thoughts on what we can use to replace the "fraying" dollar?

    Being a Columbia graduate I am fond of the University and its professors. :)
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    The obvious answer is gold, or a basket of precious metals. Gold is often purchased for its store value.
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    Quatloos. :biggrin:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    A high degree of risk compared to what; the Euro?
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    Did the veins in your head flutter when you typed that?
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    Gold can't offer an expanding money supply as the economy expands.
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    Gold does offer value, however, when the money supply expands to an absurdity.
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    My vote goes to the peso. Mexico's good for the money.
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