New reserve currency?

  1. Prof. Stiglitz of Columbia University said:

    "The current reserve system is in the process of fraying," the Columbia University economics professor said at a conference in Bankok. "The dollar is not a good store of value. Right now, the dollar is yielding almost no return and yet anybody looking at the dollar has to say there's a high degree of risk."

    Any thoughts on what we can use to replace the "fraying" dollar?

    Being a Columbia graduate I am fond of the University and its professors. :)
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  3. The obvious answer is gold, or a basket of precious metals. Gold is often purchased for its store value.
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    Quatloos. :biggrin:
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    A high degree of risk compared to what; the Euro?
  6. Did the veins in your head flutter when you typed that?
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    Gold can't offer an expanding money supply as the economy expands.
  9. Gold does offer value, however, when the money supply expands to an absurdity.
  10. My vote goes to the peso. Mexico's good for the money.
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