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New revolutionary theory explaining every thing about black hole

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    Dear Friends,
    from some time in the past i have been working on the black hole mystery. and i figured out some ideas about blackhole's creation. the present defination does not seen to be acceptable to comman sence, as how can a less massive object strong gravitationalforce than a much more massive object, as the present defination sugest. so figured it out that how could it can be possibe in my ideas time travel according to Einstein-Rosen Bridge,end of the universe are also explained. but the problem is i want tofully conferm these ideas befor presenting it. kindly send me any information you think present defination of black hole doesnot prove or any thing you thinkis helpful to solve it.

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    It would be helpful if you would proofread your note. It is full of spelling errors and the punctuation makes it almost unreadable.
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    I have my own definition of a black hole. I do not agree with the current definition or model governing the phenomenon. I would like to hear your idea of how a black hole works. If you could, post it here or PM me. I'd appreciate your explanation.
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    Let's see if I can word this right...

    Lots of stuff gets clustered in one spot, makes lots of gravity, and makes other stuff want to be in that spot. The matter in a black hole is condensed to the extreme, but is not "infinitely" small. There's only one way to go after you pass the event horizon.
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    A black hole is simple to define. When the force of gravity overwhelms the neutron degeneracy limit, a black hole forms. That does not seem very hard to understand. Just because our math breaks down at that point does not mean physical reality breaks down. Obviously, it does not. We observe a universe that permits both black holes and our inability to understand them [at least to our satisfaction].
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    to all of you,
    Every one is saying that a black hole is created due to intence gravitational force of the remaining core of the star after supernova, but will anyone please explain to me that hoe could a less massive core of a star can exert much more force than the parent star with a mass greater than the black hole as during supernova it lost a huge ammount of mass as energy and space dust.
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