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NEW scientific discoveries

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    Just thought this was some interesting information.

    A Doctor Papaconstantino in Galveston TX is currently working on two things. One, what makes people fat and thin, Two, how to slow down or stop aging. The research has not gone beyond research mice yet, but he has two lab mice for the weight issues. Each from birth has been feed percise amounts of food at the same times of day. The ffod is actually wieghed and there is no way for excess food to get to them. Both mice are identical except that one has been injected with "lepton". A harmone that most living things (including humans) have. It has been noticed that large people usaully have very little of this harmone and thin people have a lot. The mouse that has very little "lepton" is very fat. The other is very thin. Apparently food intake isn't as prodominent in the cause of obesidy as we think.

    The aging mice are interesting as well. I don't have as much inside information as I do about the "lepton" mice, but apparently somehow he has three mice that are all living past DOUBLE the normal lifespan of a mouse. In otherwords the oldest in human years would be about 220 years old!

    Also, you know those face lotions that make your skin smooth and wrinkle free? You can thank Dr Papconstantino for that....his invention :)

    Comment if you wish, just thought it would be interesting.
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    There does exist another forum for general science. This is the philosophy forum, not the dietary one, but I think I'll go find something to eat now.....
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    true, and if someone wants to move the thread to there that's fine...im too lazy to do it. Besides, I spend most my time here and thought it was just interesting info.
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    Very interesting, Ishop. Would you happen to have a link, to a site that discusses his work?
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    This one shows some stuff about aging.

    http://www.hbcg.utmb.edu/faculty/papaconstantinou/ [Broken]

    Cant find anything on the weight issue though. All my information is first hand knowledge from one of the workers involved.
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    OK, about the mice: how much of the food did they actually eat? Could it be that the thin mice didn't touch the food of the 'lepton hormone' (never heard of it). The aging thingie is not new thought.. I'd have to read what exactly they did in the mice to achieve this..
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