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    I am addicted to the show "Green Wing" on BBC. Anyone else watch this? I love BBCA. What TV I do watch BBCA takes up about 80% of that time.
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    Ohhhhhhhh yes! It's quality. I'm surprised you get it via the BBC, it was on Channel 4 when it was aired over here. I'm desperately waiting for the second series, following the, urm, cliff hanger in the first.

    It really shouldn't be funny...
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    Speaking of Sarah Alexander (Angela on 'Green Wing'), has anyone watched 'Coupling'. Not as good without Jeff, IMO.

    Famous Jeff quote - "Results!" :cool:
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    I really liked the original Coupling too. It was very funny. I think it took a hit with the cast change as well. There's something about the english accent that makes fast banter even funnier to me.

    - Guy smoking and never wearing a face mask during operations is priceless.

    Joanna: "Am I to understand you gave me a spunk filled locket for my birthday?"

    Brew...we haven't gotten to the season cliff hanger so don't spoil it!
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    I must admit that I am also somewhat addicted to Cash In The Attic and House Doctor. I must be getting old.
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