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New Site Being Created to Discuss TOE

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    There is a new site being created that is trying to act as a resource center for people who would like to learn about the theory of everything. The site just started to go public today, and readers of this post are the first to know about its creation.
    Basically it is trying to combine useful web links, stories, articles, as well as providing a small community of fellow TOE enthusiasts. The members can vote and rank the usefulness of each contribution from other members, and they can also right reviews of any sites or articles. The site seems to have a lot of potential, but it needs a strong member base. Please visit and contribute links, stories, or whatever you can find to the site.

    TOE Site

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    Well Tom, in a first start your site is shameless selfpropaganda. I'd suggest people to send you small notes on the other paths to TOE. I have already done it with a small note on NCG. Perhaps other people will we able to write you small newsclips on SUSY, GUT and LQG, to name some.
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    It doesn't seem to work!
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    Hmm I have already had around 5 other members join, however if you would like to join and are having trouble, just give me what you would like as your user information and I will create your account for your. I belive i need to alternate the chmod permissions for the main site to allow all users to join. However most people should be able to join with out trouble.

    I appreciate all the sucess It has been in the last 2 days since it has opened. Last check the site had gotten over 500 hits in less than the 24 hours it has been opened.

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