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New song.

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    I tried a new sandwitch last night.

    I made this song on my way to the beach today. It goes like this:

    Go down to the beach,
    and get some feeesh.
    REFRAIN x10

    I like it very much. I sing it everywhere I go. This song made me run out of toilet paper. I was writing it down over and over again, until I ran out. :frown:
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    I thought it was pretty good.
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    I think writing it once should have sufficed. :)

    I wrote a song for my girls when they were little and we went to a TGIF restaurant on a cold winter's night.

    I'd start:

    "I'm old"
    I'm cold"
    "i'm fat like a blowfish"
    then they'd chime in (in a different key) "fat like a blowfish"
    I'd sing - (in another key)"fat like a blowfish"
    children -"fat like a blowfish"
    You can sing it in rounds

    They loved that song.

    Maybe next time I will share "Dirt Turtle" with you.

    I make up songs about everything all the time.
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