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New space engine?

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    An article at NASA talks about a way to generate thrust without shooting something out the back.


    From the article: Approximately 30-50 micro-Newtons of thrust were recorded from an electric propulsion test article consisting primarily of a radio frequency (RF) resonant cavity excited at approximately 935 megahertz.

    Not sure if anyone is following this, but it involves SRF Resonating Cavities. Does anyone know the force involved between radio waves and electrons? Is there a force that moves free electrons a bit or do the waves just dislodge bonded electrons? Is there anything to this story or is it another "cold fusion" type story?

    Hope this is the correct section, but not sure where to talk about SRF Resonating Cavities...
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    D H

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    Thread closed, for two reasons.

    1. This is suspect science, something we don't discuss at this site.
    2. This is a duplicate of a previously closed thread, [thread]764409[/thread].
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