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New speculation about cause of dark energy

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    http://arxiv.org/astro-ph/0309800 [Broken]

    A group at University of Washington, Fardon et al
    just posted "Dark Energy from Mass-Varying Neutrinos"
    which does not seem to me as far-fetched as other speculation I've seen about cause of DE

    they seem to think that some element of their idea is
    testable with an accelerator at attainable energies
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    I recall reading another paper(it may be the same team)and I have something written down on my thoughts. As far as I am able to recall, I concluded that the position of source had a baring on neutrino detection, being that the density of our local field (generated by the Suns radiative photons emmisions, amongst a background density of accelerated expanding vacuum density-within our Milkyway) can determine the speed of neutrino's.

    Accumilated Neutrino Mass, and dissapated Neutrino Mass from a 'in-flight' transformation of Where the Neutrino's have come from, and where they are now? I should be commenting on this without actually getting my paperwork out!..but my consensus is now as was then:Past-Present Neutrino flux are constrained by our local bubble within the Milky way, certain neutrino's come from close by, whilst others come from far off place's. Simply put Neutrino's are dependant on how many interactions(phase-interactions) they have been party to, currently it seems there has been three important Phase's of our Universe.

    The density of local space may be changed ,Phase Transformed, by the total Neutrino per volume/density.
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