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New study too late or?

  1. May 23, 2012 #1

    I've completed a bachelor in computer engineering (software development). Working as software developer for almost 3 years now. Am 27.

    I don't hate the software development but it's wearing me out. It's also that I'm always in the same office, looking at code behind pc. I feel it's not good for me. Yes, I should have figured that out earlier. Also I don't see the future in this "carreer" all that bright because there's a huge age discrimination. Why hire a 45 year old software developer when a 20 something knows about the same? Anyway I just don't want to be stuck looking at code the next 15 years.

    I'm really looking for a jump into something else and do another bachelor. Broaden my knowledge and so I can apply for more jobs than just software developer.

    Do you think this is too late or stupid?

    I want to get into a field where long term experience does matter. Preferable it should be somewhat related to previous study or the one study should have an advantage over the other. I could do something entirely unrelated but that's not that smart i guess?

    I would really like to not be stuck behind a pc all day long.

    Does eletrical engineering have alot of 'on location' jobs? Or is it also just office work sitting behind a pc? I guess electrical engineering has some things in common with software engineering and it would broaden my knowledge instead of a complete switch.

    Civil engineering looks very interesting to me, but it has absolutely nothing in common with software development. Also my experience knowledge in this is basicly none.

    Thanks for any advice, negative or positive.
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    D H

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    Of course there's discrimination against a 45 year old versus a 20 something when the 20 something "knows about the same." There's nothing special here with regard to software development. Discrimination occurs in just about any technical field against people who haven't progressed after 20 years on the job. Age discrimination isn't so bad (at least not at 45) if you constantly improve yourself and if keep your eye on your career. Don't let yourself get stuck in the same task for a long time, particularly when you are young. Don't move from one task to another to another, each of which is a carbon copy of the first.

    Aside: Right now the age discrimination is against those 20 somethings. Hiring someone straight out of college is always a bit of a risky endeavor. Why hire a freshout when there are tons of seasoned engineer who were laid off thanks solely to the economic downturn?

    Employers don't look kindly on people with two bachelors. It's much better to get a master's degree. It takes less time, costs less money, and is worth a whole lot more in the long run. This is true even if you choose to get a master's in a field slightly different from your undergrad degree and have to take a few undergrad courses to get up to par.
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