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New Supernova discovered

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    hi gang

    @Andy Resnick

    meant to post this last week, been really busy
    A new supernova was discovered last Sunday, 7 Feb 2016 in the galaxy, Centaurus A radio galaxy (NGC5128). Currently it is around a 14th magnitude object

    a couple of pix from fellow Australian amateur astronomer friends who were pretty much the first to publicise this event

    in this image it is the faint star at 6 o'clock position ( below the brighter foreground star)
    Credit - Mark Sansom, Heathcote, Victoria, Australia
    His comments ...
    Credit - John McConnell, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia

    I tried imaging it on Saturday night 13th Feb, but the 400mm telephoto lens was a little underpowered
    I had to use a good amount of imagination to convince myself that I captured it

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    It still amazes me the amateurs still have a chance at new discoveries in Astronomy with all the high powered telescopes now operating in the world today.
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    I think probably relates to the fact that the big observatories are primarily doing dedicated research on specific objects
    where as amateurs are scanning the skies in general and are more likely to discover such things
    specially for a small dedicated group of amateurs that do continuous methodical sweeps of a large number of galaxies looking for supernovae

    The Rev. Robert Evans of NSW, Australia being at the top of the list of those people

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