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New technologies?

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    What do you think is a technology we need but don't have?
    i've been thinking about this subject and i hardly could find anything missing in my home, well except for cooking robots and a robotic maid....but we're getting there soon, anything else?
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    hehehe.well that is one good idea :)
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    An internet search engine that returned useful hits would be nice.

    Also an anti-spam filter that works.
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    Whats the matter with google? Are you aware of its advanced search features - boolean operators, phrasing, specific file types, specific url searching, etc


    Speaking of search engines. I'd like to see one that does voice and picture searches.
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    Internet search engine and anti spam

    you're asking the impossible man :), its like you're asking for a car to take you to the sun or something, and that is considered a futuristic project and is more doable than ur request :P
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    Doesn't google give you picture matches for your searches?
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    I want to have cooking robots too.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    loooooool damn even the lol has to be 10 characters long to be accepted
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