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New Technology In The Field

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    Hello everyone,

    My apologies if I am posting in the wrong area, however, I do believe my question belong here.

    Has anyone heard of any new technologies or processes going on in the field of electrical engineering? anything broad will do.
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    It would be really long answer, but some topics are:

    - Smart grids;
    - Quantum computing;
    - Nanomotors and nanorobots;
    - Wireless power transfer;
    - Wireless sensor networks;
    - Cloud computing;

    You will find the most popular articles on IEEE library (they give you an idea of what are the most read topics): http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/browsePopular.jsp
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    jim hardy

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    industry trade journals are a good place to keep abreast of "what's new".
    They aren't on news-stands though.

    Try using Google to look at recent issues of EDN magazine, Appliance Magazine, Power magazine, Computer Design magazine(if it's still in print), Industrial Research magazine, Imaging and Technology, ...
    Once google figures out you have this interest it will adjust itself to help you find more..

    Pennwell Publishing produces a lot of them.

    Good Hunting.

    Maybe some of the industry people here n PF will chime in with some of their regular reads.

    old jim
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