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New theory of gravity?

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    New theory of gravity???

    Hey guys, so today my Dad and his business partner were talking about this new theory that replaces gravity or something. They said it was pretty popular right now and the math was still being tested but they couldn't remember the name of it. I tried to look for it on google but found nothing that I thought was credible. If anyone know what I'm talking about or has any links they could offer I would appreciate it. Maybe it's old news, I don't know, I have kind of been slacking on keeping up with the latest physics news and all.
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    Re: New theory of gravity???

    It is almost impossible to read minds (I've tried, and not very good at it). So who knows what they could be talking about. I'm almost guessing that it was the brouhaha surrounding the Verlinde's claim which somehow is getting some free press publicity.

    This is already being discussed here:


    It is FAR from being accepted, and certainly has not replaced gravity.

    Next time, we would prefer a less ambiguous sources or references.

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    Re: New theory of gravity???

    Yeah my bad lol, they said they herd it on national public radio so I thought I'd look it up, thanks ZapperZ, sorry about the sources haha.
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    Re: New theory of gravity???

    Our current model of gravity is in general relativity right?
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