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New theory of gravity

  1. Oct 22, 2003 #1
    matter doubles its size every 26.7 seconds

    an object that is the earth radius distance (something more than 12000 m) away from the earth surface will be caugth by the earth surface after 26,7 seconds (not taking into account air friction)

    the trajectory of the moon respect the earth therefore would be of a spiral to keep the relative distance

    what do you think?
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    I think something falling to earth from 12,000 meters altitude would take approximately 50 seconds to hit the earth, neglecting air friction, not 26.7 seconds.

    I also think this does not belong in this forum. Try the theory development forum.

    - Warren
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    Why do you say these things? What is your basis for these beliefs?
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    i just try to explain the absence of reaction force in gravity (you feel the reaction force in an acelerating car by your head going backwards but you wont feel that reaction forces in a lift that suddenly drops)

    also basing in this theory i can say that there will always be some gravity between two objects however far they are from each other

    as i have not really much idea on physics i just expect somebody to prove me wrong with facts
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    What facts do you need?

    Matter does not double in 26s or 26 hours. Obsevation is all that is needed.

    Like wise the moon does not move in a spiral. Your statements do not correspond to reality and are therefore incorrect.
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    if the observator also doubles its size he wont notice that the earth doubles as well and if the distance between the earth and the moon also doubles you wouldnt notice either that the moon distance doubles

    but being both, the earth and the observator relativily stopped in space, the surface of the earth will move much faster when doubling its size than the observators feet when doubling their size so the earth surface will press against his feet
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    Supporting data?
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    the universe is said to have come from a tiny spot this would confirm it and this kind of gravity would avoid the posiblity of the universe ending in two gigantic black holes turning around each other forever

    it would also explain the slowing of the planet orbits around the sun, which i suposse from this theory (would be explain by an spiral trajectory)

    what i really wonder is if according the actual theory there would be or not gravitational atraction between two objects very far apart
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    In the world of Physics, since the days of Gallilo, all physical theories have been based on measurements. When I say supporting data I mean physical measurements, not more words. Where are your measurements that give rise to this theory?

    You have none, you do not have a theory, Only words. Words do not cut it.
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    Integral, have you met Scott_Sieger....
  12. Oct 23, 2003 #11
    He's really more philosophical.
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    Chi Meson

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    I posted, then removed my comment.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2003
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    I think it's dumb. It's not anything we see in observation. The moon's gravitational effect is not strong enough to individually affect objects to the extent you believe, given the earth's gravitational field is much stronger.
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    Also, newtonian gravity seems simpler than your explanation, since it only requires one particular behavior for the strength of attraction (m1m2/r2), while your spiral seems to need some tuning for each pair of bodies.
  16. May 28, 2004 #15
    expantion of matter and gravity. all mis understanding

    [misunderstanding:why.please answerthis questionsa
    if matter expanded,then radius of earth expanded in 26/7s .because the time
    needed light pass equale this dimention is the same,thus this theory tell us
    light speed doubled every 26/7s .why?
    2:a human matter doubled as well earth matter every 26/7s.thus there is equal
    expantion and why we must feel acceleration and so called gravity
    that is only two simple question and i dont need to say any moor
    but i want to mention that final theory and all of this kinds really think
    that we are some foolish ??absolutely gravity is a mystry but answer
    is not as foolish??
  17. Jun 14, 2004 #16
    The apple tree is a kenetic energy machien

    The inverse square law states all Fields are mathmaticaly infanite. Ergo each field source is a ripple in the pool of spacetime. Indeed Space time conforms to the contours of Grvitational Fields because spacetime itself seems to be a product of the same energy source which creates the said fields.

    The curvature of space around heavenly bodies and the mutual attraction of field sources seems to sugest that gravitational field sources pull space into themselves. Bodies in physical contact are creating the illusion of atraction through the dilation of time and curvature of space.

    Matter is the central distortion of a defineable field with in the timespace continume. The warping of timespace creates a central distortion with in the Nucleaus of the atom at maximum velocity, The velocity of the atom opens a temporal doorway alowing the atom to recharge from zerotime (pure energy) Energy eminating from the energy base of space time allows the atom to sustain itself in this entropic state. Gravity creates the warping of space time as a byproduct of the temporal doorway created by the atom. Ergo atoms are ossilating minny singularites which create temporal distorions in the fabaric of space time.
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