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New theory of time-space: revolution in physics 1

  1. May 28, 2004 #1
    1,Time is space distance or curvature. Change in times-pace is that in distance or curvature. There are two kinds time-space. One is plan or linear time-space. Another is spherical time-space.

    2, There are three kinds of clock:
    Current Clock:
    It works based on the principle of the earth rotating once 24 hours around the sun. Its second unit is 0.004167 degrees. It describes the change in the position of thing on the earth referring to the sun
    Thing Clock:
    Every thing has its own thing clock with different second-distance. This Clock tells thing self what is happening for it.
    Doppler Clock:
    Every observer has one’s own Doppler clock with different second-distance or second-curvature. Observer tells self how the space state of thing is changing.

    3, Doppler phenomenon: It is a result of compress or prolongation of time-space relative to observer. According to the principle of the relative motion of time-space curvature, red-shifted does not really mean that the universe is expanding.

    4, Four-dimensional Coordinates: It consists of three dimension and sphere time-space. In this coordinates, there is not real straight line or circle.

    5, The motion of linear time-space is passive, but the motion of sphere time-space is active.

    6, A duality of curved time-space and its two focuses: contraction energy or action (converging on its centre, real focus) and expansion energy or action (dispersing from its centre, virtual focus).

    X. Z. Zhai, Thing and Its Law (Vitualbookworm.com Publishing Inc, college station, 2003). chapter. 2. [The Active and Passive Motion of Time-Space] and chapter. 5. [The Duality of Time-Space and Energy].
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