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New theory on mass extinction blames sudden drop in oxygen: The Oregonian

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.oregonlive.com/enter/index.ssf?/science/oregonian/index.ssf%3f/base/science/1062590337326170.xml [Broken]
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    Couldn't follow the link, but this is no new theory. The idea that this extintcion was caused by a drop in O2 levels has been around since I was a child (just prior to the event itself!). However, nearly all the other thoeries for the cause of this event would include a loss of oxygen. Global firestorms would accompany meteorite impacts or massive volcanic activity. And any global disruption of animal life will result in a drop in oxygen, making cause and effect difficult to determine.
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    Ivan, how do you find the time to read all these things from everywhere AND make all these posts? It's fantabulous!
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