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B New Theory vs New Force/Field of nature

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    See this https://www.researchgate.net/public..._by_amended_Maxwell_theory_and_author's_reply

    The strong force has just very few parameter like the coupling constant g and quarks masses. but electroweak has many including some believed as not so pretty or completely symmetric.. could some symmetry fixing within it can lessen the parameters like in QCD?
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    Demystifier and mfb. In the layman book "Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene. He went into details about the perturbative methods vs the nonperturbative string theory like M-theory so asking about perturbative vs nonperturbative method is part of the beginner questions (as Brian Greene book is for beginner). The following is sample of paragraphs where the words "nonpertubative" is mentioned:

    "Nature is telling us emphatically that under such conditions we must merge general relativity and quantum mechanics - in other words, we must make use of string theory. Currently, research on the implications of string theory for cosmology is at an early stage of development. Perturbative methods can, at best, give skeletal insights, since the extremes of energy, temperature, and density require precision analysis. Although the second superstring revolution has provided some nonperturbative techniques, it will be some time before they had honed for the kinds of calculations required in a cosmology setting. Nevertheless, as we have discussed, during the last decade or so, physicists have taken the first steps toward understanding string cosmology."
    "The developments discussed in this and the previous sections represent the first, somewhat tentative steps toward understanding the cosmological implications of string/M-theory. During the coming years, as the nonperturbative tools of string/M-theory are sharpened, physicists anticipate that some of hte most profound insights will emerge from their application to cosmological questions." [The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene]

    Just like nonperturbative string theory like M-theory can give more accuracy. What if there was no strings (meaning superstrings theory not true) and our QFT is made non-perturbative QFT.. what would be the extra degree of freedom produced? Like could it produce a new force/field of nature or a new non-gauge field?
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    Maybe what I meant to ask was, if we have a new quantum theory (not just intepretation), this means either trajectories were detected as in BM or Objective Collapse proven.. does it affect high energy physics too? Because Schrodinger quantum mechanics is just approximation to Quantum Field theory.. and our QFT is approximation to nonperturbative QFT, and so on.. and you also have quantum gravity. So if there is a new quantum theory.. would it only affect low energy or below the electroweak scale or even affect (or be relevant) as high as the GUT or planck scale?
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