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New thinner iMac!

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    Today was the announcement of the new iMac models hitting the apple store soon, and guess what? Thinner design! I personally am wary of this extremely thin design so I will hold out until I see some reviews. I honestly would have loved it if they kept with the chunky design and made more real-estate on the screen, but the new models don't look so bad. I am happy with the 27'' 2011 model though and it suits my needs.


    What are your thoughts?
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    Re: New iMac!

    I am a non mac user and i never really plan on moving to mac's although one thing that has jumped out at me is Thunderbolt, in terms of a transfer rate of 10gbps im not sure how long it has been around but its the only thing that would make me change over to a mac as USB 3.0 is half the speed.

    On the thin side of the track i would be afraid to break it, mind boggles me to think you could get a gtx690, i7,motherboard and ram all inside that small space, cooling would be my biggest issue/concern. i would have to wait for a few reviews, wait a few non-biast reviews.
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    Re: New iMac!

    Apple needs a new true innovation. Thinner, smaller and faster is not exciting innovation.
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    Innovation is the least of Apple's problems right now. Their great strength in recent years has been in dominating the supply chain. Having the most innovative products does nobody any good if you can't actually make the things in volume and get them on the market before the competition. Unfortunately their falling out with supplier Samsung and continuing lawsuits against them is threatening their ability to do just that. Samsung is the only supplier with the ability to make the SoCs, displays, and flash Apple needs in anywhere near the quantities and quality they require.

    Evidently Samsung decided years ago they'd be better off cutting the legs out from under Apple and taking over their markets. Notably this is all happening just as Microsoft also undercuts their own partners by producing tablets and Intel's partners scream foul over the outrageous pricing of their upcoming Haswell chips. It's just the normal business cycle where the existing 800lb gorillas suddenly turn in unison against everyone else to grab all the bananas for themselves and keep the competition from growing larger. Forget innovation, what Apples needs is nothing less than a technological tour de force and they just don't have that kind of research mojo that I know of to pull a rabbit out of their hat. Slight hand they can manage, a better mouse trap they can manage, but not the next computer revolution.
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