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New to C++ and VB

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    i am new to C++ and Visual Basic,so can anyone let me know what software is needed for each programming language....tks
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    You're going to have to shell out +$500 for Microsoft's Visual Studio if you want to program in C++ and Visual Basic. However, I believe there are free compilers for C++, but I don't really know them too well.
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    err....i just need microsoft visual studio for both programming language?
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    Nowdays you have what is called the microsoft.net framework, I would highly recommend learning visual basic.net instead of old visual basic unfortunatly this requires you to obtain visual studio.net this also compiles c++ and the newer managed .net c++. For a good plain old free c++ commandline compiler try borland bcc 5 ?.

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    username,u talk until i blur blur already coz i juz new to programming....err...you meant it's better for me to get visual studio.net to learn these 2 programming language?
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    Yeah sorry the fact is C++ is one of the most difficult programming languages to learn ever to become an expert (if they exist) takes many many years. I would suggest if you want to make money from programming start learning microsoft.net enabled languages such as visual basic.net forget c++ at any rate. I do not have much experience with visual basic sorry buts it bound to be a better idea to learn than c++.
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    If you are new to programming the best way forward is to learn javascript and dhtml, now that is free and you already have all the software you need.
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    i have already learned dhtml before....so if i want to learn javascript,what are the software that i need?
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    Javascript can run inside your internet browser. The best way to find out about learning dhtml/javascript is doing a google search. Although javascript is not a compiled language you can still do fun stuff with it like making simlple games etc.
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    oops,but my fren ask me to learn C language first coz he said C language is the most fundamental programming language
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    Well depends if you are learning this by yourself or have a teacher. If you are on your own start off simple. Set yourself a task e.g. try and make the worms program in javascript and stick it on a website. Keep it simple and fun then learn C.
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    username...tks for all of ur advices,really appreciate it,thank you very much
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    .Net (C#, VB, etc) is good if your going to program exclusively for Microsoft's products. In the real world there is more than just one operating system, and if you want to professionally program for some major corporation such as IBM, you won't be doing your programming in .Net, but rather standard C/C++ and/or Java.
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    Have a look at http://msdn.microsoft.com/visualc/vctoolkit2003/

    "What is the Visual C++ Toolkit 2003?
    The Visual C++ Toolkit is a free edition of Microsoft’s professional Visual C++ optimizing compiler and standard libraries--the same optimizing compiler and standard libraries that ship in Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional!"

    According to http://www.thefreecountry.com/compilers/basic.shtml (scroll down about 20%), you might be able to download "Microsoft .NET Framework Software Development Kit / Microsoft VB.NET / Free Visual Basic .NET Compiler".

    In addition, check out gcc (which can be installed with cygwin http://www.cygwin.com ) and DevC++ from http://www.bloodshed.net/devcpp.html .
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    they are all in https://www.amazon.com/
    check for software link, set up an account, and order! a few days later, you would get the package. Then, unpackage it, put the CD into your CD rom driver, and just let it automatically install the software in your machine.
    After already installing the software, you will be asked to restart the computer, just do as what you are told, a minute or 2 then you can make your first program in C/C++/MFC and VB.
    Help ?
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    This is exactly the wind what makes people cold ! not the PHPer !
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    echo "Huh?";
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    alanveron ,

    Ok........... this is very basic question when person going to start his profession ,

    Ok I made a mistake to going for vb ( now no one is using it ) , so go for the basic technologies
    Like c , C++ on unix platform , Trust me you will find yourself most happy person even after 10 years form now

    You can use c++ on Unix , Linux , dos , Windows
    Good luck buddy

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