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Hello, I am interested in robotics and engineering but since I live in a place like korea, I don't have a garage or access to cheap scrap metal. I am going to join the engineering club at my school. I want to pick up a book something like engineering 101 or robotics for dummies, but I couldn't find it. Could someone help me?

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Welcome to the forums! It's good to see that you have so much enthusiasm about Engineering!
Personally, I learn a bit better when I do a hands-on approach rather than reading a "for dummies" book. I suggest picking up a small kit for robotics, something very simple to start with.

This looks like a good choice for a new student and is cheap. keep in mind that this is a very simple solar-powered cart that just moves forward, but it will teach you a lot about how to make a simple machine.
Just because you're a mechanical engineer, it doesn't mean you have to own a machine-shop and make carbon-fiber quadrotors right out of the gate. Give it some time! :wink: