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    Good morning (or evening, depending on where you currently reside) people of this forum (or you know, people who take the time to read this)! I have JUST joined this place and decided that it'd be quite nice to start this thread so that can get to know me, I can get to know how this place works and all that stuff.

    Let's start with the basics. I am from Greece, 16 years old and a big, big BIG fan of collector's items, comics, video games and well, physics! I browsed around a bit and from what I have seen you are a quite intelligent lot, something I admire.

    Since I was little I could remember every single little detail so this made things quite easier for me at school. But here being Greece, I could never get an IQ test or skip a few classes or anything like that. Anyway, fast forward to the present I can say that things have started to tighten up as I have around 200 exercises per week (and not the one line answer ones, I'm talking about the one-two page problems with diagrams and all that) along with close to 10 hours of school everyday. It's quite tiring I have to say but we study quite a lot of subjects such as thermodynamics, the electric and magnetic fields, advanced calculus and all that stuff. Though you can't really select the subjects you want, only a direction which is an EXTRA of three subjects, which is quite a bummer.

    It's a nice selection but I am trying to study by myself, often reading various books on Quantum Physics, Mechanics, theories on black holes, dark matter and especially spacetime and time. Thing is, with me not being familiar with such concepts from school and english not being my first language I often have to look up various terms which proves to be quite frustrating.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I'd greatly appreciate it if you could reccomend me some reading material and that I'm really happy to be here!

    Take care!
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    I would start reading this, just in case.

    If it makes me look like a grumpy, old fart, that's just because I am one grumpy_borek.png

    Once you are done with the rules, report back and state your favorite fish.

    Just don't say it is Megalodon, it becomes boring.
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