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New to physics and The Forum

  1. Jun 5, 2008 #1
    Hey guys,

    I'm new to physics and to the forum. I've always been fascinated with things that are inexplainable such as time travel, levitation, and more recently creating power from what I call "Nothing" which we know it's not true, but it sure seems like it (Using the concepts and ideas Nikola Tesla had in the Philadelphia Project, or resend from the Ionic Sphere).

    My true goal is to create a flying vehicle with similar technology to that of a "UFO". I don't know what technology a UFO has, so I guess I wouldn't know where to start with my idea of the flying car. I do know that I would like to create a power source similar to what Nikola Tesla was working on which they claimed he used to power the Philadelphia project in which he used some what of a machine to convert ions in to energy. I would like to use HARP technology to create a shield around the vehicle for safety features, and use the earth's magnetic field to make the vehicle have flight. I'm sure they can be used for good as well as bad but I really would like to use my future discoveries for good.

    I hope to find some friends here that are on the same journey, they say you should surround yourself with people with like minds and goals in life so let me know if this is something you see yourself discovering as well.

    I'm some what fed up with this worlds attitude to inventing which seems cookie cutter, so they are not really inventing anything....
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    Mainstream society is very busy at work creating new technologies, its just inventions happen incrementally.

    A more reasonable goal towards "creating a flying vehicle similar to (those described in reports of extraterrestrial craft)" is to design a new kind of metal alloy that is light and strong, or a new kind of engine to apply thrust. Or you could work on a new aerodynamic saucer shape for such a craft, or a high-density power source, or a stabilization-navigation system.

    If you plan to use Tesla's ideas of wireless electricity, than I hope you are ready to understand this fundamental force more deeply than the man who originated the idea and is said to have "fathered the 20th century." Over and again Tesla was told that something was impossible, and then he would create a practical invention to disprove this. When someone has a pattern like that, it is possible that the last great project they never finished really might have been an attempt to do the impossible (see also Albert Einstein).

    That's because most people are all fantasy talk, either give up the inventor ideas or else:

    1) Start investing in a machine shop / electrical lab / chemical lab.

    2) Learn all of modern physics and then start to expand on it.
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Welcome to the PF. Please understand, though, that the PF is a well-run scientific site, and we do not permit fringe theories or crackpot ideas. Some of the things you are mentioning are crackpot in nature. I understand that you are just thinking out loud, but please do some reading in some reliable sources before you invest much of your personal energy in trying to design a UFO-like craft that uses the Earth's magnetic field to fly. Not going to happen. If you haven't done so already, please click on the "Rules" link at the top of the page, to be sure you understand how best to use the PF as a resource.
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