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New to physics, as well as this forum - a general hello :)

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    I am an undergraduate,(Chem major) and completed all but 3 units (1st and 2nd year ones), so in a sense Ive had to get my head around some of the many concepts of physics, but this semester, I have to do a unit called physics for the life sciences. I am enjoying it so far, but do see that much practice and going over the laws is needed, as questions can be put in so many ways, and It feels that unless one has the concepts down pat, and actually see clearly what is going on, then I feel its the sort of study, that unless you've worked hard, your not likely to do so well. I want to understand stuff, but pass as well. Thank you for all who have contributed in this forum, and look forward to some interaction as I'm going through the physics paces. :)
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    Welcome to PF.
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