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New to physics but deeply in love

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    Hi! I'm Costa Rican and I fell in love with physics since August last year because I always had depression and tried comitting suicide for about 3 times during all my life and I was going for a 4th time but I started reading about relativity (random things) and I fell in love <3 if it was not because of this I know I would be dead by now, I'm 22 yo and the problem is that I was never taught physics during high School (only Biology) and I'm planning starting the career by next year, I quitted my job because I need to remember all the mathematical things I was taught during high school so I can start the career on a similar level as the other people who just graduated from high school, the thing is that I am teaching myself (math and physics) because public Costa Rican education sucks :sorry: I am really excited and passionate about it but do you think that it can work? do you have any suggestion of a start-point? (algebra? geometry?) Thank you!
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    Welcome to PF!
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