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    I am retired. I have a hobby of building my own engines, transmissions and doing all the work to my cars and racing in advanced high performance driver education (HPDE) or "track day" formats. I used to road race... I am building an 818R kit car but currently have a fully track prepared Subaru STi putting over 400 WHP to the ground.
    I have an minor engineering schooling background and tons of "experiential education" but occasionally am stumped and need help with simple or somewhat unique issues usually related to engineering or physics.
    I was once a specialist in thermoset plastics and silicone rubber molds. I know Rapid Prototyping, adhesives, plastics and more and may be of some help in those areas.
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    Welcome to PF Scargo!
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    Enjoy the PF! The Automotive forum was recently merged into the ME forum -- I think you will have fun in there (and the other forums here). :smile:
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