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New to Physics!

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    Hi everyone,

    Just signed up for the PF and looking forward to learning more through all the discussions!

    I'm a software developer and marketing manager who's starting to think about a career change in a few years time. Just going through the process of getting Maths and Physics A levels done (I'm 24 and took more marketing based qualifications when I was at school) with a view to going to university and studying Astrophysics which has always been something of interest to me.

    Fairly new to some of the concepts but can't wait to get started! If anyone has some recommended reading for a new physics-wannabe then I'd love to get dug in.


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    Welcome Jack! Great to have you!
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    Talofa Lava, Kia Ora, Tena Koe; glad to have you on the site, Jack.

    My primary interest is the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics. I can list you a number of nonscientific books on that theory, of course written by Professors of Physics.
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