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New to Quantum Mechanics - need help please

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    New to Quantum Mechanics - need help please !!


    I have a piece of coursework that I'm stuck on, mainly because I can't quite get my head around QM at the moment.

    Could anyone help me with the following?

    The state function 'phi'(x,t) = C exp(-ax)^2

    for 2 constants a and C, is a stationary state with energy E.

    Using TISE (Time independant Schrodinger equ) find the potential V(x).
    Sketch the probability distribution. Where is the particle most likely to be found??

    Thanks in advance.
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    Write down the Schrodinger equation, time independent. You don't know what [tex]V(x) \psi(x)[/tex] is, but you know everything else.
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