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New to the forum, but not to physics :)

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    Hello all, I'm Spencer and I'm a lover of Physics.
    A little bit about me; I'm 16, currently a junior in high school, and I want to major in some form of Physics. I'm currently taking AP Physics and absolutely love every aspect to it (I have a good teacher who knows how to keep the curiosity in science, even when teaching). My favorite fields of physics are currently anything dealing with Super String Theory and Quantum theory (I'm a big fan of particle physics). Obviously I don't know nearly as much as others on this forum do about these subjects, but I'm really fascinated by them. Im joining because me and my friends were planning on doing some Rocket Science experimenting (under close caution and yes, we are taking it seriously) because I figured we'd need help along the way, and what better place to talk about velocity vectors, thrust, and the impact of wind resistance than the physics forums. I'm not sure what else to put on here, so that's that. Hello to all the other future, or current, physicists out there!
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    Hello and welcome to physics forums! Hope you have a great time here...

    I'm in the situation as you - 16 and to-be-junior in high school (starting next month) and a physics afficiando. Good luck on your experiments in Rocket Science. Feel free to ask any query's about physics in PF.

    Good luck :wink:
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