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New to the forum - self introduction

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    Hello there,

    My name is Jonathan which is quite clear from the indication of my username here 'jon855' and I have some unfounded interest in the area of math and science even though I suck at them badly. I hope that this forum will guide me into some areas and hopefully I'll get better in some section of math/science (probably math more than so science.) More about me, I'm deaf and has been since around 8 months old, no apologies needed here for this (I don't understand why people just have to apologize for this.) I'm currently 23 ongoing to 24 later this month. I just graduated from RIT with a crappy associate degree in a computer study field after five years of attending RIT. I'll offer one insight for you all who are about to go to college (Don't waste your time changing your major far too many times, select your area of interest and grind on it.)

    Well I guess I'll call that a cheapstaked self-introduction :D
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    Hi Jonathan and a warm welcome. Dunno about changing majors, anybody, who is digging deeper and deeper in his own goldmine of information looses the 'gods eye view' unaware what's going on in the other mines. But for finding the big picture, it can be helpful not to do the digging oneself but carefully overviewing what all others are doing.

    Meanwhile, there is something fishy coming up.
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    Wecome, jonathan!
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    Hi Jonathan, nice to have you here.
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    Welcome to the forum Jonathan! And it is never too late to build upon the foundation you have laid.

    My older daughter has just made the decision to change from a Computer Science major to one in medical research. This means that her advanced calculus class she worked so hard to ace doesn't count toward her new major and she needs statistics instead. She will spend next year taking the pre-requisite courses to attend med school. This sets her back quite a bit, but she realized it is what she wants.
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    Welcome to the forum Jonathan:smile:
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