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    Hello everyone, My name is Ron and I'm currently a student at ITT Tech, and taking a more than basic physics course. I currently have a 4.0 so I'm doing quite well, so I'm not just looking for answers. I love blogs and discussion forums so we will be seeing a lot of me.
    Well the thing today is, Kinematics and whether or not they describe all motion. I do believe that kinematic simulations could possibly describe all motion in a general sense, and very useful in a single dimension. Now where this study confuses me is where does kinematics end and Dynamics begin. I know that dynamics goes into the forces acting on motion and changes that may effect the motion.
    But what motion is caused by force only that could not be described by kinematics?
    Thanks for everyones time and take care.
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    Tom Mattson

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    That's what kinematics is by definition: A description of motion.

    You've answered your own quesiton: Dynamics (also called kinetics) takes into account the impetus that gives rise to a change in motion.

    None. You can always kinematically describe motion caused by forces. It's not as if kinematics and dynamics are competing descriptions, they do different things.
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    Dynamics also can be thought of as the forces generated due to motion.
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    Being that for the last couple days I have been studying the heck out of this stuff, and its an online course, so i have no help other then myself and resources like this. I see what you guys are saying now, and I appreciate your comments. Thanks again
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