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New to the site

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    well, I found this place searching for a method to solve a laplace transform as I'm a little stuck on exactly how to do it, So I'd like to say hello, and I hope I can be of some help for someone else in the future.

    also, do posts here go into a moderator queue before appearing , some other forums I'm on do??

    I guess not

    l8r, Dennis
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    Welcome crxyem!

    Any homework questions should be asked in the "Homework & Coursework Questions" section.

    And no, posts do not need to be approved by a moderator before appearing on the forum (I think that is what you mean.)
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    Welcome to PF, crxyem. If you have a homework/coursework type question, then check out the Science Education zone, and feel free to post your question in the relevant subforum.

    And no, there is no moderator queue-- your post will appear straight away.
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    The only forum here that has a moderator queue is the Independent Research Forum. The site IS moderated, but we don't preview every post before it appears like some sites do...that would just slow everything down.

    I hope you can find the help you need over in the Science Education Zone. And welcome to PF. *smacks crxyem with a welcome fish*
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    Welcome to PF!!!
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    Welcome to PF, crxyem! :cool:
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    Welcome to PF, crxyem.

    I see that TD has responded to your question on the Laplace transform using the appropriate trigonometric identity.
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