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I'm a law and business student in Brisbane, Australia and have recently developed a keen interest in cosmology, physics and all the rest of it! I am sorry to not pose an intellectual question of the calibre of the other "newbie" :) but I am feeling somewhat disconnected from my peers at university who don't seem to share my enthusiasm for this breathtaking topic and was wondering if any of you other enthusiasts had any advice as to how I should go about meeting or forming a group of like minded people in my area???



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You can usually find amateur astronomy societies in most places, I'm sure there would be at least a few in Brisbane. They may be focused a little more on the practical side of making observations with their backyard telescopes than cosmology per se, but I've no doubt that there would be at least some members with similiar interests to you. Given that this is the international year of astronomy, it should be easier than normal to find such groups, hopefully someone can give you a reference. You could try seeing if there are any links from the Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA) website.

Hmm, I just found this site of the Brisbane astronomical society. That might be a good place to start?

There may well be some clubs and societies on campus that might have an astronomy focus as well?

Trawling forums like these is also a good place to get some tips, but be careful, this forum is a helluva lot better than most, but it is still very easy to become wildy misinformed by reading some of the discussions. Once you calibrate your bs filter though, there is a lot of interesting info to be found.

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