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New TV options

  1. LCD, extended warranty

    2 vote(s)
  2. LCD, no extended warranty

    5 vote(s)
  3. Plasma, extended warranty

    3 vote(s)
  4. Plasma, no extended warranty

    1 vote(s)
  5. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. Jul 23, 2008 #1


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    Too lazy to post two binary polls.

    Do you recommend/prefer LCD vs. plasma?
    Do you recommend extended warranty or not?
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  3. Jul 23, 2008 #2
    Two of my friends have a samsung 1080p tv thats about three feet + long. Its amazinggg.....

    I think its plasma?

    I have a cathode ray tube, thank you very much. :approve:


    Buy the warranty. If anything goes wrong for any reason they simply give you a new one. Its worth it. My friend had problems with his because some of the pixels would act funny. They could not fix the problem so they just gave him a brand new one as a replacement.
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  4. Jul 23, 2008 #3
    Is anyone besides me waiting for the cost to come down? Is it possible that they have reached the bottom?

    Why is VISIO half the price of a Sony? Is the big name brand TV that much better? I have read that One in four LCD TV's isn't made by the company that sells it.

    Getting a new big screen TV will also mean having to drag that monstrous old entertainment center out of my living room unless the new TV is 37 inches diagonal or less.:bugeye:
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  5. Jul 23, 2008 #4
    Funny you should say that, because I helped my friend move his old CRT from downstairs to upstairs, and the Plasma from upstairs to downstairs. The two of us lifted the plasma easily and took it down. Taking the CRT upstairs............that was horrible. Man it was heavy.

    I dont think the cost will come down all that much, they are not that 'new' anymore. I think most are going for around $2,500.00 for a nice big one. But there worth every penny. You'll never go to a movie theater again.

    When you watch something in HD on it, its as if you're looking out your window into the street. Its THAT good. Its orders of magnitude better.
  6. Jul 23, 2008 #5


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    We have two HD LCD's in the house a panasonic and a Sony. Both are fantastic, not to mention they consume less power than the plasma.
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    I'm still waiting.
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