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Aerospace New type of 'disc-golf-disc' designed by jon potts

  1. Jan 20, 2005 #1
    hey, this is a new type of 'disc-golf-disc' designed by jon potts

    "He is currently investigating the aerodynamics and control of disc-wings using experimental techniques, based at the experimental fluids and aerodynamics facility, the Goldstein Research Laboratory."

    i clipped the quote from his site...


    I'm an advanced am disc golfer(used to moderate the theo physics forum here) and i bought the first 'disc-wing' disc ever released to the public(on ebay for charity... dont ask) and i'll tell you... this tech is really great. This tech seems to have very interesting applications besides that of "disc golf"
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    btw, i'm hopefully going to manufacture some discs myself... using a hand pour tek i'm workin on. If any of you experts get any ideas from the adobe files please hint me toward them. I am going to try to incorporate "golf ball type' dimples on the discs top surface. Also a softer plastik in the midsection to possibly facilatate more of a 'bullet shape' while the disc is in flight.

    If i were to also add a slight 'fanlike' impression to the bottom of the disc that would create more lift would it not? Then i'd have to tweak the edge to offset the extra lift. I need to keep the lift at bay but at the same time... with the extra(possibly) lift from a fan impression and a tweaked edge couldn't i translate the lift into + distance?
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