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New type of Electric motor?

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    I think this is a hoax.

    http://www.japan.com/technology/index.php [Broken]

    they power out > power in.
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    If you've ever read the book "Voodoo Science" by Robert Park (and I highly recommend it), you'll find that virtually all newsertainment stories about perpetual motion start exactly the same way: a maverick going against the "establishment," usually self-taught (as so not to learn the correct science), etc.

    As for his "invention," yes, once you see Eout>Ein, you can dismiss it without a second thought, but lemme see if I can find the specific flaw in this one...

    ...yep, a very, very common one:
    Yeah, its impressive allright: magnets that don't obey conservation of energy.
    Translation: 'I understand physics - this is a hoax, not an error.'

    This is probably the most common type of overunity efficiency motor hoax there is. Proving it works is trivially simple: connect the output to the input and disconnect the external power. Go figure: no one ever does it. But showing apples=>oranges voltage/amperage comparisons is an easy way to trick people.
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    Well, since its OVER unity, why not connect the output to the input with a couple light bulbs hooked up too and utilize the 'free' energy to do some useful work. Actually, with 330% efficiency, better get a whole bunch of them. Look, I'm lighting up Giant's stadium from my pocketwatch! :)

    Nice recommendation Russ, I'll have to pick that up on my next Amazon order.
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