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New user, needing guidance on topics and where to start

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    Hello fellow members! Just wanted to say that I'm new here and am in need of some assistance. First off I'm still a student in college and over the past year have developed a very passionate interest in the topics discussed on the website. However my knowledge is very scattered, essentially knowing a little about alot (or i hope), and so I'm asking if anyone would be so kind as to help point me in the right direction for getting started on learning the basics of the topics discussed on the site. Primarily; physics, quantum physics and mechanics, astrophysics, mechanical engineering and social sciences. My apologizes if that is a long list, but i am extremely interested in those topics and feel its important to educate myself whenever i can, id also like to put it out that yes id consider myself a newbie with this stuff still, theres so much information out there im not sure how to interpret it all and am looking for a solid foundation so i can keep up. Anyway back on point, if there is anyone who can help point me in the right direction for understanding the basic and deeper concepts of the topics listed, which sites are credible (this one id hope?) and also who are the scientists in the media that are credible?. It would be SO gratefully appreciated! i have alot of respect for this community and would be more then willing to offer my help whenever i feel im capable of it! THANK YOU!! :D also i forgot to mention this previously, though im still determining whether i would be able to be successful both academically and professionally in these fields, it would be incredible to help others further develop this community both online and in the real world, seeing our community develop these fields and striving for further understanding grants me great satisfaction in life and id hope to be able to personally contribute and im more then willing to encourage others!! Love this community and am looking forward to meeting other members and contributing!!
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