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New user, please help me!

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    I'm new at this, so I hope someone can help me. I have AP Calculus and need some help on a problem...

    Given the curve x+xy+2y^2 = 6

    Find the coordinates of all points on this curve with slope equal to the slope at (2,1)

    Any help is much appreciated!
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    First find the derivative (you could, for example, solve for x and calculate dx/dy, or you could perform implicit differentiation on the relation you were given). Then calculate the derivative at (2, 1), etc.
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    Let me add this, to help you with implicit derivatives :

    Example : xy^2 + 2x = 1

    then (d/dx)(xy^2) + (d/dx)(2x) = (d/dx)1

    So, using the product rule on the first term, x(d/dx)(y^2) + y^2(d/dx)(x) + (d/dx)(2x) = (d/dx)1

    Now evaluating the derivatives : x(2y)(dy/dx) + y^2(1) + 2 = 0

    Separating out dy/dx gives, (dy/dx) = (-2 - y^2)/(2xy)

    Now substituting any pair of values (x1,y1) gives you the value of the slope at (x1,y1).
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