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The free physics text for students, teachers and enthusiasts available on

has been considerably extended. It adds a new section on nuclear physics
that includes the story of radioactivity, a MRI scan of humans making love
and the dream of grand unification. The present 14th revision also adds
more figures on special relativity, a short explanation of k calculus, the
paradox of the relativistic submarine, a photograph and description of how
some caterpillars shoot away their faecal matter, a photograph of a
basilisk running over water, Stowe's periodic table of the elements, a
beautiful picture of the analemma, references to monadology, the question
why birds are not usually seen on high voltage lines, the question whether
the moon is larger or smaller than the nail of your thumb at the end of
your extended arm, the proof that Peary did not reach the north pole, and
much more. Many photographs and drawings have been added, the graphical
presentation reworked and several hundred challenge
solutions have been added. (Tell me which ones you want next!)

For all fields of physics the newest research results and the main
unanswered questions are presented. The text remains a structured walk
through classical physics, relativity, quantum theory and unification. In
total, the text aims to give an overview of what motion is and what it can
effect. The accent on surprises and thought-provoking puzzles has been
kept. It will please both readers who open the text at random and
those who read it systematically. Thank you to everybody who has sent
criticisms, corrections and suggestions. Enjoy!

Christoph Schiller
chri_schiller @ yahoo . com

P.S. In physics texts, figures take the biggest part of the budget - both
in time and in money. Any help on (preferably colour postscript) images to
be added to the text (with permission of course) is much appreciated. Such
help will allow me to concentrate on the writing and make sure that the
text can continue to be free for all readers throughout the world.

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