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New website on density matrices, needs contributions.

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    I've started a new website, http://www.densitymatrix.com/ . As of yet, there is very little on this site. I put up a short description of how one can define the spinors from pure density matrices, and therefore the foundations of physics can be equally understood to rely on density matrices or spinors. The advantage of choosing density matrices is that the U(1) gauge freedom is eliminated (and wave functions become single valued).

    If you've got ideas or contributions, do tell.

    I also started two other websites:

    http://www.measurementalgebra.com/ and http://www.cliffordalgebra.com/

    Measurement Algebra is about the Schwinger Measurement Algebra (SMA). This is a generalization of density matrices. It is my hope that when one extends density matrices with the SMA, one will be able to eliminate the non Abelian gauge freedoms.

    And Clifford algebra is a generalization of the Dirac algebra (and also the Pauli algebra). If one wishes to geometrize the SMA, the natural choice is a Clifford algebra.

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