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New XGL Demo

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    This video basically shows KDE running on top of XGL.

    The file is 252MB and is encoded using XviD.

    http://www.saguratus.com/nick/xgl/xgl-kde.avi [Broken]

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
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    Doesn't XGL currently run on top of X?

    Ya compiz and xgl are good stuff. But currently does not support many video outputs, and dual screen. But fun to test out.
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    This looks interesting. I might try this out because I have problems with my NVIDIA (proprietary drivers). For some reason, the AGP doesn't seem to be initialising (cat /proc/drivers/nvidia/agp/status = 'disabled').

    Dduardo, would you recommend that I uninstall the proprietary NVIDIA drivers, go back to OpenGL and install XGL on top of it ? BTW, I'm using an NVIDIA GEForce MX400 64 MB card on an Intel 586 architecture with a Mandriva 2.6.12-18 kernel.

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    I got XGL running on a SUSE 10.1 installation. Really sweet, except that i can't get it to run from a VNC viewer, which means i have to sit on the floor to enjoy it, but it's worth it. :smile:
    I think SUSE is going to be very popular. It comes with alot of nice tools and it's a very easy transition from a windows environment not to mention it works very well within a windows network. If i didn't have to keep Windows Server on constantly because of my site, this is the OS i would use.
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    well... i dont use mandriva, so im not sure if the package has the same name there too, but on my ubuntu i installed nvidia-kernel-common (which contains nvidia files shared between nvidia module packages)
    and nvidia-glx (XFree86 4.x/X.Org binary drivers)
    oh, and xserver-xorg-driver-nv...

    i run compiz with gnome (and the golden (default) E17 theme for GTK), and its so much better looking then anything ive tried so far... :biggrin:

    and -job-, yeah, i think linux is getting to the point where it really can replcae windows for most users... the only reason keep winXP is because i play TES4:eek:blivion...
    and the only reason my family's computer doesnt run linux is because their lexmark printr doesn't have linux drivers....
    but everyone who see me work with my ubuntu think to switch.

    i think linux will be very popular after winXP stops getting updates because of vista, i think people would migrate to linux instead of "upgrading" to vista.
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