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New York, NY

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    Hi guys,

    I want to go to NY with my friend for the weekend. We found a place thats cheap $110 a night for two of us, so $55 bucks each. It says its in the "Upper west side". Is this "upper west side" aka the ghetto? I dont want to accidentally get a room thats in the South East, D.C. of NY. Where are the places to stay away from? Keep in mind, were going out at night and coming back to the hotel at probably 2 or 3 am. Also, anyone know any good places to go at night and during the day? So far we found a place called 'top of the rock', which seems pretty cool. http://www.topoftherocknyc.com/

    We dont care so much for good resturants or stores, becuase we already have plenty of that here in DC. We basically want a kick ass night life. (Last weekend I was in Baltimore getting free shots from Vanilla Ice :rofl:)
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    Take up the 2nd and go where you want!
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    Don't forget taxes and other little things they could tack onto the bill.
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    Im not familiar with NYC, so I want to know the areas. We figured it would cost at least 100 per person per night stay at a really cheap dump since NYC is so expensive. We were going to go to Altantic City on friday and NYC on saturday, but the hotel and travel time cost too much money. (We didnt realize how far out of the way AC is until we mapquested it).
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    If you're looking for safe places, this "2 or 3 a.m." sounds like a deal breaker to me. I read a news story about a robbery there. Four innocent bystanders were wounded. Who knew there were four innocent people in NYC?
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    Georgetown is one of the best (richest) parts of DC. Its not "safe" at 2-3 am at night, but its *NOT* south east DC where you have drug dealers walking around constantly and people getting shot up. Im asking if its safe within reason.
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    Exactly what street is the hotel at? Upper west side is a rich neighbourhood with families living there, so I think you should be fine. Just make sure not to carry a lot of cash/expensive things around at that time of night.
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    The upper east side (at least east of Columbia University) is the Harlem neighborhood. I wouldn't call it dangerous, but I wouldn't want to walk by myself there late at night. The upper west side has a lot of posh neighborhood, as Monique has said. But you really need to narrow down the neighborhood area, because NY City can change literally by the block.

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    Or, if you're not sure or it looks sketchy when you arrive, just take a cab back from wherever you are at night to the door of the hotel so you aren't walking around in a bad neighborhood. Then again, even a "good" neighborhood can be dangerous walking around alone at 2 or 3 a.m.
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    dress like a bum and rub horse **** all over yourself. Nobody will mess with you.
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    o-kay.............................. anyways. My friend got sick and so we might have to go next weekend instead.
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    2 or 3 am? Lousy.
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    Places close early in the US.
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    This is so funny. When out-of-state people think of NYC, the first thing pops into their heads are the ghettos. If you're that worried then go upstate.

    The upper west side [and upper east side] are perfectly good places, even if you drop the Harlem factor in. Are the stores about Harlem that frightening? While in NYC, take a ride on the trains; enjoy the fresh fragrance of the subways and train stations.
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    Thats becaue I live near Baltimore and DC, which are full of ghettos. So Ive been to them before and I dont want to visit one in NYC. I can take you to some ghetto places around here.

    Also, Im not going to NYC for stores. I already have tons of stores where I live. As for the trains, thank god the DC transit system is so clean. Its a really really nice metro system we have.

    I want things to do in NYC that are 'new york' things to do/see. I.e., if you were in DC, I'd take you to the smithsonian, the monuments, Georgetown, Virginia, Maryland, Baltimore, get crabcakes.

    If I put you in DC or baltimore, would you know what areas to say away from ranger?
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    I meant to say "stories about Harlem" - that was a typo.

    Since your hotel is in the Upper West Side area you'd obviously want to see the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Museums ( I recommend The Metropolitan Museum of Art), Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, take a stroll down Wall Street (along with NYSE and Ground Zero). I heard that Fifth Avenue is a big deal, looks normal to me.
    I remember that earlier in the summer there were free concerts like everyday in Central Park. I'm not sure if its still happening.
    Not sure if its your thing, but check out Chinatown. I'm not too fond of that area, but I heard its a good place i.e. affordable place for shopping and eating.
    Go to see some of the bridges. Take a ferry or boat ride. Don't forget that NYC is the home of the Mets and Yankees, you can check out the stadiums.
    If you're going into Queens, check out Flushing Meadows Corona Park and Forest Park. Also don't forget Shae Stadium and Arthur Ashe Stadium.
    If you drop by Brooklyn, the best section in IMO is Downtown Brooklyn,
    You'd also want to check out pizza and calzones from a pizzeria that makes them using a traditional brick oven.
    I can't recommend any night spots.

    I had my fair share of ghettos. So its not like I piss my pants nor is staying away from them an issue for me.
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