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Newb to forum

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    Hey every one my name is Rich, I joined this forum to help me re-educate myself.
    I had a pretty rough childhood and didn't have a good source of education.
    So i'm not very smart but I like Engineering, I just wish i was better at it.
    I'm hoping to find a job soon and enroll in college some where. We dont have one here which really sucks.

    just need to get on the pay train woot! woot!

    On the other note I have a side shaft 50cc motor and I need to figure out what to build with it. Possible mini dift kart?
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    welcome pickerguy!
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    Welcome to PF Rich! :smile:
    Definitely the best place to enrich your mind. :biggrin:
    But before you get to that, we want to know your favorite fish?
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    I would have to say Green Ling cod would be the fish for me.
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    OK, here's a nice green ling cod for ya! :biggrin:


    You have now been properly initiated into PF.
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