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Newbie 2 the maths

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    hey all :smile: im quite new to the Maths for Fun thing... i like what we do in class... but doing something outside of it would be fun. has ne1 got any tips on what i can start with, and then build up 2? thanks! o:)
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    What do you do in class ? There are many popular mathematics books, Knotted Doughnuts, Joy of Mathematics, Flatterland, etc.
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    i esp like provin stuff in class... was wondering if u knew ne websites that gave sum easy proofs i culd try 1st, then sum other 1s.... just 2 keep me busy in class when i get bored.
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    math competitions, i didnt know about these until the beginning of this year. AMC 12, AIME, USAMO.
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