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Newbie from KC

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    Sometimes I smarter than most
    Frequently mistakenly I boast
    Not as smart as I'd like to be
    Since repeatedly I burn my toast!

    Logic makes sense.
    Humor is funny.
    Seeking my passion.
    To make some mo' money.

    Howdy from an overweight, under-paid, over-the-hill, saved sinner. I'd like to hear if and how you found your passion in life.

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    My passion really bounces around from thing to thing, but for the last few years of my teenage life I have had way too much fun building things that people tell me not to build just to show them wrong. I spend my time building things like extremely powerful lasers, tasers, rockets, Jacobs ladders, Tesla coils, hydrogen generators, homemade tools, taking care of my younger siblings and being outraged at how incredibly risk adverse everyone is while enjoying how everyone I know thinks I am some sort of super genius when I can't even do calculus.

    I have always felt strongly that instead of telling people not to do dangerous stuff, we should teach them how to do dangerous things safely.
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