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Newbie here.

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    Greetings forum,
    I am sMan and have recently taken an interest to Quantum Physics. I have very little education of fundamental science, so I'm not sure how easily it will be for me to learn QP, but I'm up to the challenge.

    Most of what I know about science is from television documentaries (I know that must make some of you face-palm), but I have taken to reading Quantum Physics for Beginners, on

    << link deleted by Moderators >>

    I have just finished reading their introduction to QP, and am going to being Chaos Theory tomorrow. It's all a little hard to grasp, but I do believe I will be able to ascertain a firm understanding with time.

    Having read their introduction, I decided it would be highly beneficial to my learning if I were to have people and friends to converse about said topic with. Thus, I have joined this forum.

    I look forward to learning all there is to know about QP, as well as lessons I have not anticipated. I ask the community, to please have patience with me, as I will likely ask questions that will frustrate some (or many) of you.

    Now, a little bit about myself. I am a 24 year old Canadian. I have graduated high school, with only Foundations Math 11, and generally low grades in all classes. This is largely in part because I endured great frustrations in school, that rendered it overwhelmingly difficult to focus on schoolwork, and should not be taken as a representation of my intellect. I understand that I will have to learn math in order to learn physics, and am willing to do so. I currently am not in school, but will be attending college in a few months, to upgrade all of my high school courses.

    Thank you all for reading my post,

    PS: After high school, I did attend college for Culinary Arts, but have decided I very much dislike the restaurant industry, and am far more interested in science and the universe.
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    sMan, Welcome to Physics Forums! Here there are highly educated scientists, engineers, and technicians with experience in many different areas. Every member helps newer members, when possible, to gain a better understanding of science.

    May I suggest you post your same introduction in the "Quantum Physics" section? It is located just two levels below this "General Physics" category. There you are likely to find more folks interested and qualified to assist you on you long journey to QP.
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    I have requested that my thread be moved, Bobbywhy.
    I think it might breach forum rules to simply re-post.

    Thank you for the warm welcome though!
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    Hi sMan

    First welcome. I hope you enjoy your journey.

    Another good start to understanding QP is Feynmans famous QED lectures:

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