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Newbie needs help

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    I was hoping that someone would be able to provide some sort of assistance to me with my particular problem.

    After being out of school for a little more than 3 years and working in the laborious social services I have decided to go back to school to become a chiropractor. It's somthing I decided on after many months of pondering and debating. The thing is I need a few pre-requisites before I can enroll in school. These are all science courses which I negelcted during undergrad. It's mostly chemistry and physics. The problem is I've never had these subjects before. I did take H.S. chemistry but that was so long ago and I did so poorly I don't think I would remember any of it. I need to know where to start. I want to get a head start on the subject before I go back so I can give myself some sort of advantage. Can anyone recommend a good starting point? Are there any websites, books, textbooks, or something similar that you would define as a definitive starting point?

    Thanks to all,
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    First of all congradulations. I myself went back to school 2 years ago (I was 32) and let me tell you, the first day is pure hell.

    But you have a major advantage over most others in the class. You are going b/c you want to.

    You will be amazed at how easy the classes are, purely b/c you truely want to learn. And I hope that is the reason you are going back. If it is for the money, you are making a mistake.

    Back to your question. The best way is to go talk to the couselor and see where you stand and see which classes you need. After you find out, goto the school book store and buy the books which you need. Start with the first chapter and work the problems at the ends of the chapters. If you can master those problems, then the test will be a breeze.

    If you need help this is the place to come. Don't come on hear and ask for the answer, work the problem, post your solution, even if it is wrong and we can help you from there. You will learn much more this way.

    btw, when i went to school 10 years ago, I graduated in business with a 2 point and avoided all difficult classes.

    Since I have went back, I am premed and have carried a 4 point. You will be amazed what you can learn if you actually want to learn.

    Good luck and once again, congradulations.
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    No it's not for the money. Even though the money kicks ass!!! I really want to open a simple office attached to a gym. I'm a musclehead and I find the current state of affairs in the health and fitness industry to be appalling. So that's my calling, a chiropractic office next to my gym.

    It's relieving to hear of the advantage and after I thought about it, you're right. My desire for knowledge outshines any desire to just get by or barely get through it. That really is a big help.
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    For chemistry I would recommend Chemistry by Raymond Chang (the 5th edition can be found on ebay for around 10.00).

    You can also visit my site where I have written some short tutorials on important concepts or find look at the links I have posted. For the most part, the web isn't going to help you a whole lot. Just read the book and if you have any problems ask online.
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    nice site

    I added it to my favorites. Thanks!

    Also, I figured that a comprehensive tutorial would not exist on the Internet. My mastery of this field will most likely come from many different sources. I was just trying to gather these resources.

    Thanks again.
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