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Newbie-Sugar for Microbes

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    Newbie--Sugar for Microbes

    I just learnt that sugar concentration can influence the growth of microbes, does it mean if I take quite a lot of sugar/glucose, my gastrointestinal bacteria will gradually die out ?
    thanksyu ;)
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    Probably not, the concentration of sugar/glucose that would reach the microflora would not be significant. First most of the sugar ingested would be taken during the digestion process. Secondly, the concentration of sugar would have to be in the range that you create a great osmotic imbalance between the microbe and its environment. Thirdly, an increase in sugar/glucose may lead to more growth in the microflora.

    Sugar has influence over the growth of microbes but in often evaluated under laboratory setting. For example, increasing sugar concentration in a media solution will increase the growth rate of an microbes untill it reach a plateau (i.e. the enzyme system is saturated). However, there is so consequence that comes with different sugar concentration. For example, some bacteria produce acid from sugars and yeast produce alcohol from sugar. So the higher the concentration the more acid/alcohol is produce and this will eventually kill the bacteria. In a close system (i.e. in flask) the acid production is a factor to consider but in your intestine, the acid may be used by other bacteria and it is flush out.
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    Thanks for clearing up my doubt.;)
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