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Newbie to the PF's

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    Hello, I was very pleased to find this forum! I live in a bit of a vacuum here regarding physics talk. When I get excited about something new - their eyes quickly glaze over.

    I've been a geek all of my life, and a "maker", I love finding quick hacks to solve problems. As a seeming complete opposite to geekdom, I skied professional full time for 16 years. I broke enough bones that my new career in my computer consulting and counter-surveillance business is more forgiving to my body.

    I have always loved physics, but just in the last few years really started spending a lot more time learning about, and playing with, physics. And in particular, high energy particle physics. And, as you can imagine, my fiancé is just *thrilled* to come home and find the guest-room table covered in 200lbs of tungsten blocks!

    Speaking of fiancé - I need to go! :-) I am looking forward to interacting with folks here!

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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thank you sir! And, I now get to go back to the kitchen and try to explain to my lady why I need three different Geiger counters :-)
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