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    Hi, im new here-im in year 10 so some of this seems a little complicated to me, but i like physics....anyway, just wanted to say hi to you all :D
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    Hey, there are a lot of high school students here as well.
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    Re: Newbie....

    hello N.N., I take it you mean the 10th year of school which would most likely be the 15th year of life.
    You probably know the poetry of Edgar Bowers (1924-2000) as well or better than anyone here. I could not get your Bowers links to work.
    But he has a science-related poem about Louis Pasteur that begins something like

    "How shall a generation know its story
    If it will know no other?"

    and maybe understanding Pasteur and then can help understand us and now.

    It could be that if I could have gotten your Bowers link to work it would have called up this very same poem about Pasteur. Bowers also has a poem that you may know and that rhymes in a curious way ABxAyB.
    That is, it almost doesnt have a rhyme pattern and then at the end
    of the stanza you hear the echo of it and see that it did have
    Maybe you know the poem, here is an exerpt

    The Mountain Cemetery [just the first 3 stanzas]
    Edgar Bowers

    "With their harsh leaves old rhododendrons fill
    The crevices in grave plots' broken stones.
    The bees renew the blossoms they destroy,
    While in the burning air the pines rise still,
    Commemorating long forgotten biers.
    Their roots replace the semblance of these bones.

    The weight of cool, of imperceptible dust
    That came from nothing and to nothing came
    Is light within the earth and on the air.
    The change that so renews itself is just.
    The enormous, sundry platitude of death
    Is for these bones, bees, trees, and leaves the same.

    And splayed upon the ground and through the trees
    The mountains' shadow fills and cools the air,
    Smoothing the shape of headstones to the earth.
    The rhododendrons suffer with the bees
    Whose struggles loose ripe petals to the earth,
    The heaviest burden it shall ever bear..."

    And here's a bit more of that "To Louis Pasteur" poem:

    How shall a generation know its story
    If it will know no other? When, among
    The scoffers at the Institute, Pasteur
    Heard one deny the cause of child-birth fever,
    Indignantly he drew upon the blackboard,
    For all to see, the Streptococcus chain.
    His mind was like Odysseus and Plato
    Exploring a new cosmos in the old
    As if he wrote a poem--his enemy
    Suffering, disease, and death, the battleground
    His introspection...

    http://www.poets.org/poets/poets.cfm?prmID=155 [Broken]

    be well,
    ask lots of physics questions
    (including, I hope, some that some of us can answer!)
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    Re: Newbie....

    Hi Ninja, hope you enjoy Physics fourm.
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